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This website (the “Internet Site”) is activated by the Agency Post Reklam Tanıtım Organizasyon (“Company”) and is downloaded / installed on the Internet site (and mobile, tablet, smart television and any device that uses the internet transmission method without limitation). All internet-based applications used) belong to the Company. Please read the terms below to use the Website, to access the Website and to access the Website.

1. The Company reserves the right to change the Website and / or the information, forms, content and / or these Terms of Use at any time. Third parties ("User") who make use of the services / information provided on the Website or access the Website in any way for any purpose are deemed to have accepted the following terms of use.

2. The subject of these Terms of Use shall be the sharing of any intellectual and artistic product, photograph, text, audiovisual product, any data and / or any information that has or does not qualify for any work determined by the Company. will be made available to third parties, including, but not limited to, unilaterally advertising of various products and / or services to be determined by the firm, links to other websites, applications, and any visual, audio and / or audiovisual work ("Content"). To set limits on how the User can be accessed through the Site and how such Content may be used by the User.

3. The User shall use the Website in accordance with all applicable legislation, the rules regarding the use of the Internet, these Terms of Use, as well as the Privacy / Privacy Policy and Communication Permission, and to make use of all services, and to browse the main pages and sub pages. accepts, declares and undertakes that it has legal and criminal responsibility in its actions and all transactions performed through the Website, including access to any Content.

4. The Company or all its subsidiaries and affiliates, employees and managers of the Company, directly or indirectly, are not liable for any damages that the User may incur due to the use of and access to the Website. Interruption of process, deletion, loss, delay of process or communication, computer virus, communication error, system error; Failure to access the Website; the company assumes no responsibility for theft, destruction or unauthorized entry, modification or use of records.

5. Using the User Website, the Company shall not engage in any activity against other users and / or third parties. Any direct and / or damages incurred or incurred by third parties due to activities performed / to be performed through / through the Website in violation of the User's legislation and these Terms of Use as well as the Privacy / Privacy Policy and Communication Permit. has no indirect, legal or criminal liability. In case of any damage to the Company and / or third parties in violation of its commitment in this article, the user shall immediately, in cash and defensively, indemnify and indemnify all kinds of material, moral, negative and positive damages without the need of a court decision. would.

6. The User shall not carry out any actions that may undermine the personal and commercial reputation of the Company and / or third parties, damage or infringe upon the rights of the person; respect for human dignity and privacy; do not use expressions that humiliate, humiliate or slander individuals beyond the limits of criticism; otherwise, all legal and criminal liability shall be borne by the party.

7. The Company is legally entitled to the Website and the Content. Use and accessibility of the Website and / or the Content by the User under the conditions to be provided by the Company shall not entitle the User to any intellectual and industrial property rights and / or any right to ownership or disposition.

8. The Firm may unilaterally change the limit and form of use of the Website and service; may temporarily suspend or completely suspend the accessibility of the Website and the operation of the system, the service it provides to the User, the privileges it provides, without any time limitation at any time; change the service and the Website and the Content, its use and purpose, its use and publishing techniques.